Formal Friday Baby Bodysuits & Fancy Friday Baby Bodysuits

Comfort is key! At least for my little one! But that doesn’t mean you have to be limited to plain onesies or animal appliques.
I’m introducing my new, Formal Friday Baby Bodysuits!
Why are mine so great? I use actual ribbons and materials to add ties and suspenders, giving the design a more “real” look. These onesies can be pared with comfy knit pants, or even a suit to provide that fashionable look while maintaining the comfort babies desire.
Ties are hand crafted to shape for greatest accuracy and effect. Both ties and suspenders are then heat bonded to the onesies and machine sewn to ensure greatest durability.

Fancy Friday Baby Bodysuits designs for the little girls. Necklaces are hand added with high quality fabric paint, bows, and ribbons. All embellishments are made of quality items that are soft and durable. They are all heat bonded and sewn onto the onesies in order to maintain that style wash after wash.

All Baby Bodysuits are Carter’s brand ensuring quality and size consistency.
Custom colors are also available upon request. If you would like a custom color please contact me prior to purchase to ensure availability and allow an additional 2-3 days for shipping.

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