About Making It Work

For as long as I can remember my mom “made it work.” She pursues great deals, makes great food, and has a beautiful home and she almost never pays full price. She believes you can live beautifully without living outside your means.

As I have grown up, I have found my own ways of “making it work.” If I liked a pair of pants, but hated the pocket, I bought them and made it work. If I liked a painting, or idea that I found, but it was too expensive I got out my crafts and made it work. If I found a great item on clearance that was slightly damaged, I bought it and made it work. If I wanted to try recipes I couponed and shopped sales and made it work.

Now as a new mom, I have even more motivation to make it work and make it work on a serious budget.

Follow me as I take great deals and finds, DIY projects, and make them work all while keeping costs low!
Follow my blog for weekly tips, recipes, and fun projects for the family!

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