About Me & Applesauce Everywhere

What is that? Applesauce? Is that applesauce? Applesauce everywhere, seriously everywhere! How did it get on the bottom of the high chair? Did we even have applesauce today?

I’m your average mom with applesauce all over her kitchen trying to make it all work. As I’ve “grown up” the definition of making it work has changed. In my early 20’s it meant balancing school, friends, internship, friends and family. In my mid 20’s it meant balancing work, and a relationship and an apartment. Now as I entered my 30’s it means balancing a family of my own, work, and a house. While the lists have gotten shorter the amount of work, responsibility have grown exponentially, paralleled by the increase in joy and sense of fulfillment. My focus has changed and things that were never a priority are suddenly nagging little thoughts in my brain like “would home made cleaner be more healthy for my family?” Or “how can I make this idea work for my family on our budget.”
The “I’s” have gone to “we’s” and I love it!
Along with all this, is the strong desire to finally put all my craft and sewing projects to use… And here I am blogging away!

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