SK-II RNA Power Under Eye Cream Review

I was kinda of excited when I had the opportunity to try a new under eye cream.  Before having kids I used to stalk out sales for my fave anti aging eye cream and I used it religiously.  Then I had kids and I nursed those kids and I started reading more and more of the labels on the products I was using and suddenly I found myself using coconut oil for pretty much everything. 🤣. 

So when the opportunity came up to try something new I figured “why not?!”  Maybe it’s time to revisit the idea of some eye cream.

So through #BzzAgent I got picked for the campaign sponsored by the product and received the SK-II R.N.A. Power under eye cream.  The packing is rather pretty and it’s comes in a nice glass jar and a small plastic spoon’ish type thing. It’s not an applicator, more just a little scooper to get the cream out of the jar.  I’m sure it has a name, but I can’t think of it.  

The product it self is light weight and non greasy.  It wears well under makeup and left my skin feeling hydrated.  It also smells nice.  However, mommy nose never quiet calmed down and I don’t particularly like anything with fragrance on me all day.  

Then, then my friends I read the ingredients list on the back and decided this product just wasn’t for me.  There were too many additives and ingredients in it that I try to avoid.  If stuff like that doesn’t bother you (and I don’t judge either way) then I say go for it it’s a decent product.  But for me I’m going to stick with the coconut oil and let the wrinkles fall where they may. 

***Addition*** As I’m wrapping up this product review I googled the product and holy schmoly, it retails for $135 at WTFFFFFFFF!  I had a hard time coughing up the $15 for the drug store anti aging cream.  Unless this cream literally mananged to get rid of dark circles and magically erase my sun wrinkles around my eyes I would not be shelling out that kinda cash, but hey that’s just me.🤷🏻‍♀️

2 thoughts on “SK-II RNA Power Under Eye Cream Review

  1. Thank you for the post – this is indeed an expensive eye cream but the only one that I believe works! I’ve tried many other ones (drug stores and high end) and I only notice a difference with this eye cream – I’ve written a post about some great anti aging eye creams on my blog in case you’re still on the hunt for an eye cream (! .. Sorry the eye cream didn’t work out you for 😦


    1. I just wasn’t impressed with the results, then especially not when I saw the price tag. I used to really love the Garnier anti aging cream, but stopped using it to switch to CO and some EO’s. I’m gonna stop by your post and check out your recs before I try something else.

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