Tip of the week!  Grocery store clearance!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, check out the grocery store clearance sections!  On occasion I score boxed goods  for great prices, all because of dented cardboard.  Sometimes I find other random finds for way less such as, band aids, hair brushes, kids cups, and even toys.  

I’ve sort of been stalking out these tiny Pyrex cups.  It’s a set of 5, 6oz cups.  I refer to them as dessert cups, but they’re those small ones that are perfect for toddler snacks, and portioning out mashed sweet potatoes for the baby.  

Originally they were $10.  Now at the rate I break my dishes, I refuse to pay that.  They went down to half off!  $5. Great, but that week it wasn’t in my food budget and if I’m meant to have them, they’ll still be there when I’m ready to get them.  This week as I glance over the clearance rack I see them at the bottom for $2.49!  That’s .50¢ a cup!!! Totally bought them!

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