L’Oreal Duo Color Riche Nailpolish Review

When it comes to polishing my nails, I will be the first to admit, I am completely OCD.  Now I have plenty of colors that I have collected over the years, but only a few I wind up keeping on for more than a few days.  I have also come to appreciate certain brands for their ability to last through the labors of the day.

With that being said I was pretty excited to test colors I wouldn’t normally wear!  I received L’Oreal Duo Color Riche for free, through TOLUNA and was asked to give my honest opinion.


I figured I would rate some of the key points on a scale of 1-10 stars (1 being awful, 5 average, 10 outstanding)
So let’s break it down…

Staying power
7 stars
-Overall the nail polish stayed on fairly well with no noticeable chipping for three plus days.

Angled brush (in the blue nail polish)
9 stars
-Loooooved the angled brush. It was the perfect angle and very easy to use.

Square brush
3 stars
-The brush was very square and the bristles were on the stiffer side. I find this to be true to all of the square L’Oreal brushes.

8 stars
-Great consistency. It covered nicely with out being to thick.
-No streaks.
-Dried fast.

Overall rating
7.5 stars
-The overall quality and consistency of L’Oreal Duo Color Riche was good.
-I would love to see a better square brush, but the angled brush was excellent

– I would definitely by this product in another color combo.  The blue is deeeef not my thing, although it had a very “frozen’esq” feel and would look super cute with a little snow flake decal.  The pearly white, which had blue undertones to it, I will definitely use again.

Check out TOLUNA for surveys and the chance to review products!  This post was not sponsored or required by TOLUNA.

L’Oreal Duo Color, Color Rich was received for no cost, for review and the above is my opinion.



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