Honey Chex Bon Bons

honey chex bobons 2

Summer may be unofficially over, but my love for a yummy cool treat does not end with the passing of Labor Day. If you’re in the east coast like we are, fall is becoming ever more present and with that my desire for all things honey and cinnamon is sparked. This treat is perfect for those early fall days where the sun is still warm, but you need a hoodie in the evenings.

So my sister can no longer have gluten (like legit, not just choosing to), and I can’t have dairy…. Exciting right?!
Well in a way it is, as we have both expanded our dinner aaaaand dessert menus. 🙂

This recipe is based on one my bro in law whipped up for us one day at my moms, of course with my own twist!

This recipe is non dairy (although you certainly could use regular ice cream!), gluten free, and crazy yummy.

Gather your ingredients…
– Vanilla non dairy ice cream ( my preference is SoDeliscious coconut milk ice team, Vanilla flavor).
– Gluten free Chex mix in Cinnamon!!!
– Honey

Let’s do this!
– Using a small ice cream scoop or a melon baller, scoop out as many ice cream balls as you want.
-Place them on a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet and put them back in the freezer. (Preferably over night, if not at least 1 hour, but truly it’s delish either way)
– While those are chillin out, get out your Chex mix and smash it up! Put a cup of Chex mix in a large ziplock and crush it up, by hand or roll over with a rolling pin, or smash it, whatever makes you happy! You want them to be broken down, but not so fine that its a powder.
– Next put your crumbled Chex cereal into a medium sized bowl and add honey until its the consistency of wet sand.
-Finally roll your ice cream balls in the mixture patting mixture in as needed, until fully covered. Let chill for at least one hour.

I love the idea of making these and putting them in the freezer and having 1 or 2 for dessert when I want them. They stay really well in a freezer container… Not that they last all that long in my house.

Anyone try this type of recipe with other types of cereals or ingredients? I feel like it would also be really good with crushed almonds!

honey chex bonbons

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