Tip of the week! Best deals at stop and shop this week.

Great deals this week at Stop n Shop for coupon lovers!
Coupons from the past weekends paper and from coupons.com

Food should taste good crackers 2/$4.
.75¢ off one box, which doubles.
Total = $1 for 2 boxes!
These crackers are Gluten free, non GMO, and yuuuummmmeeee

SoDelicious Greek coconut milk yogurt 5/5 $1 off any SoDelicious product from this weekends paper
Total= FREE!
If you haven’t tried non dairy yogurt, this is a great FREE opportunity. The Greek yogurt is thicker and has a nice vanilla flavor.

SoDelicious non refrigerated boxed coconut milk 2/$4
55¢ off one SoDelicious when you sign up at SoDelicious.com
Total= .90¢ a box
I never used to buy boxed non dairy products. But if you were like a lot of people in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, you didn’t have power. Now I always keep a few boxes in just in case. Plus it’s good in a pinch if I run out of my coconut almond milk and can’t get to the store… Like at 5 am when you are staring at the coffee pot only to find you have no milk!

Newman’s Own Supreme Pizza in store promo $1 off makes it about $5.50
$1 off one pizza coupon
Total = $4.50
Great to have in the freezer. We made one for lunch while doing some reorganizing this past weekend. It was ready in 10 minutes and was just the right amount to keep us all going!

Newman’s Own Salsa
.35¢ off one jar of salsa, which doubles
Total = $1.30 a jar
Yes this salsa is more expensive to begin with, but I like the ingredients (or I should say lack of additives) and I use it in lots of recipes like salsa chicken, and all my chilies.

Those are some of the best deals for stop and shop this week. Remember their flyers change on Friday, so only a few more days to work those coupons!

Happy couponing!


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