Tip of the week! Supermarket closeouts!

So I finally get to go food shopping with out my little man strapped to me . This means I have the freedom to really go through the sale bin and that random rack of “dented” discounted goods, that I never really get to fully check out.
I won’t buy dented cans, it just freaks me out. I know that it no longer causes illness, but it still freaks me out. But there was so much more than dented cans, like dented tissue boxes. No seriously dented tissue boxes marked down to .50¢ and .84¢! No coupon needed! Aaaaaand chicken broth, the kind I like (no MSG added). It was the big box, which it usually almost $5, but the plastic reusable top was broken off, but the box was def still sealed. (I have broken them off so many times by accident, they’re really kind of useless.) It was marked down to $1.49! Score, since I’m making chicken soup this weekend! Finally I made it over to the bin and got these cute bath toys for my little man for only $1.49!


It was great to really be able to look through the clearance section and well worth it today! I got all those items for less than $4.50! Moral of the story check out those random racks in the grocery store, you never know what deals you are going to find!

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