Whip it, whip it good…Whipped coconut oil

Coconut oil!!!!!!!!!
Ok so I have always loved all things coconut, but I am truly obsessed with coconut oil. I use it for so many things, but I especially love it for my skin.

I started using it post pregnancy and I wish I used it throughout my entire pregnancy. I use it for everything: from an everyday moisturizer on those extra dry spots, to the drool rash on my baby’s chin. It’s smells so yummy and dries so quickly that it has quickly replaced moisturizers in my house.

How can it be any better????
Whip it!
No seriously, whip it, like with a hand or stand mixer, for about 5 minutes.
The coconut oil becomes light and fluffy, like a little fluffy cloud of amazingness.

It stays light and fluffy, which makes it great to use for all sorts of beauty tricks.

My new fave… Whipped coconut oil works fantastically as a make up remover. Brands like Almay and Neutogena both have oil based make up removers. But they can be costly and have a list of ingredients. Coconut oil has one ingredient 🙂 Plus it works fantastically to take off water proof makeup!


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