Wreathe Refresh!

I love to decorate for every holiday, but some holidays I put my effort into than others. Valentines day is NOT one of those holidays that I put serious effort into, but I still like to put some cute heart stuff out. Along with my minimal effort is my minimal desire to spend my hard earned money on heart decorations. So I bought one of those tinsel hearts a few years ago on clearance after the holiday. By now it’s looking a little weathered as I keep it on my front door. It also looked better before I painted my front door red… red door… red heart… not really that noticeable. So I decided to do a little refreshing to this heart shaped wreathe. Since I was snowed in the other night and didn’t plan on spending any money on this anyway I was determined to find something amongst my crafts that I could use to give the old wreathe some new life.

I contemplated taking all the tinsel off of it and making a bow wreathe, but I didn’t have enough fabric ribbon… but I did have curling ribbon and in white no less!

So here’s how I added a little pizazz to this tinsel mess… for every inch of frame I tied 2 pieces of about 6-8 inch ribbon onto the frame using a double knot. Then, I curled it… simple as that. I went along the inside and outside of the frame. Tip, flip the frame over and tie the ribbon on, so the tinsel is not in the way. Curl the ribbon, then twist to the front of the frame.


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