Tip of the week… Popcorn Tins Repurposed!

So you got a popcorn tin at the holiday swap at work, or from your secret Santa. That’s um… Nice… Popcorn is um… Yummy…. And errr thoughtful?

Actually popcorn tins rock my socks and here’s why…

There are so many ways to repurpose popcorn tins, but here are just a few of my favorites…

1) Cookie cutters.

These tins are the perfect size to store those cookie cutters. If you have a few for each holiday then one tin may do. If you have a varied selection try separating them by fall/winter or summer/spring or whatever works with your cookie cutter collection. I have all my fall/ winter holiday cookie cutters together, and then my spring. summer, and misc cutters in another tin.

2) Candle sticks or seasonal mini candles

Sure candle sticks will fit in a tote or in a drawer somewhere, but I find the easiest way to store those cute seasonal sticks is in a popcorn tin. I put all my seasonal ones in a tin and change them out with the seasons. They are always in the same place, they go back to the same place and it makes decorating with the seasons that much easier.

and my favorite for the holiday season…

3) Breakable, delicate or special ornaments or ornament sets

I have ornament storage pieces, but these tins are a nice way to store those e yea special ornaments

popcorntin repurposed

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