Last minute holiday gift ideas… Naughty or nice these gifts are just right!

So  there’s one day left until Christmas Eve and you still have some presents to get! Here are a few last minute holiday gift ideas that are easy but still thoughtful.

1) Drink lovers box:

Drink Lovers Box

This gift includes mini bottles of alcohol. I went with some fancy flavored vodka such as acia berry and paired these with Nice Cubes. These are metal ice cubes! They stay cold with out watering down your drink. I got them at my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

2) Wine lovers gift:

vor wine lovers
This is a great touch to that last minute bottle of wine and all you have to do is puck up some mulling spices! You can buy a pack and attach it to the bottle or if you have the time or resources add the mulling spices to a mason jar. For these gifts I added a metal tea ball to the jar as well. Mulling spices can be added to red wine or apple cider and warmed in a crock pot or in a pot in the stove. Some hand made labels always add a personal touch

3). Kiss the cook box:

kiss the cook box
This gift includes my hand jarred pumpkin spice cake mix, Krusteaz cookie mix, and Simply Organic mixes. If the person loves to cook consider getting them some spices or mixes. If they love to bake, maybe some cookie mixes or fun cupcake fools.

To finish any of these gifts put them together in a nice holiday box or a basket. A basket full of baking items displayed with care looks better then a gift bag of cookie mixes any day!

There you have it folks 3 last minute gift ideas that will look anything but last minute. Happy and safe holidays to all!

last minute

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