Gingerbread House Party


December is almost upon us and it’s already time to start planning those holiday parties! You can plan the sit down dinner, the hors d’oeuvres party, the ugly sweater party, or… I could go on and on! And while all those parties have a time and place, maybe it’s time to switch things up and bring out that holiday cheer with some friendly competition! I am, of course, talking about a Gingerbread House Party!!!!

Every year my aunt and uncle host a holiday party where we have a friendly competition to build the best gingerbread houses… Or trains… Or as my sister built a gingerbread pizzeria!


It’s a great theme and can be done for low cost! Every team brings the Gingerbread house kit they desire. They sell them everywhere, but you can but them with a coupon at ACMoore or even Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Then we go on a candy run! Many dollar stores have an entire candy isle. Think outside the box and try non traditional holiday colors!

There is no real “winner” to the house decorating, but to make it a special event, my aunt always gets ornament for everyone and adds the year on it, sort of like a grown up party favor if you will. It’s a nice finishing touch to thus party or any other holiday party!



A nice addition to this party (any party really) is a fun set of invites. Invitations can really set the mood for the party. When you open up that envelope and pull out an invitation that screams FUN, you know it’s going to be a good time. For the Ginger Bread House Challenge, consider something outside the box, like a gingerbread shaped card or a more traditional holiday cards!. Check out this sample wording for a fun invite…;20131128-211414.jpg

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