Tip of the week! Creating holiday traditions PAJAMA SURPRISE!

I have no idea how this tradition started in my family, but it is hands down one of my favorites and I have every intention of continuing it!

So where do the pajamas come in, you ask. Every Christmas my grandma got me and my sister festive pajamas. But we didn’t open them on Christmas or even Christmas Eve. Sometime in the week before Christmas, admits the wrapping, the last minute shopping, and prepping; my mom would ask me and my sister if we wanted to open up grandma’s gift. We knew that meant new festive pj’s, that would be washed and ready to get comfy in on Christmas Eve.

So on Christmas Eve as festivities wind down, and the kitchen is cleaned we sneak off and change into our comfy PJ’s. Then we all curl up with some hot coco or hot apple cider and watch whatever holiday movie is on tv.

I love this tradition because it is a nice way to regroup at the end of the day and when everyone gets up early the next day, we’re all in festive PJs to take some great family pics in!

pj tradition

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