Tip of the week… Thanksgiving left over containers!

Thanksgiving dinner leftovers…. Mmmmmm….
Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving leftovers?! After my family is done we always divvy up what ever yumminess has not been eaten. My mother, who is ever prepared, always has fantastic to go containers! She usually gets them at one of the dollar and up stores.  There is a great one by us that sells catering type stuff as well and she is able to get the metal containers and that fold in around the edges.  I love these containers as they don’t leak and they keep the food really well.  You could always go the rout of plastic container s as well.  They holiday ones are out and so are the coupons!  This year I’m adding my own touch with some personalized leftovers name cards to go with throw away containers!

thanksgiving left over labels 2

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