Tip of the week! 10+ uses for baby wipes containers…

Moms and Dads out there, don’t throw away those baby wipes containers! They can come in handy for so many things! Here are 10+ ways to re-purpose those container:


1: crayons
2: baby food container for containers! (Great if you’re traveling or to keep at Grandma and Grandpa’s)
3: breast milk storage bags (empty, or full if frozen flat)
4: car emergency kit
5: craft items: ribbons etc.
6: pictures
7: cat food pouches
8: travel sized items
9. Medicine cabinet items
10: teethers, binkies, etc.
11: hair ties, bows, clips
12: Barbie or doll accessories that always seem to get lost

and my favorite…

13: Baby socks… now this does not account for where the baby socks go after they leave the bin… in fact I’m pretty sure for every sock monster there is out there, there are several baby sock monsters in tow gobbling up baby socks!


They can be labeled with a permanent marker, or you can create a project that is kiddo friendly and decorate them! I suggest labeling both sides and the top. You don’t want to find yourself with a container full of crayons instead of baby wipes!

What are some other ways you have repurposed these containers? Leave comments and pics!!!

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