Tip of the week! Never go empty handed…

My momma always said life is like a box of… Nope she never said that! But she did always say “Never go empty handed.” A phrase that will forever echo in my mind. As a result, I’m always prepared! But who has time to always make something from scratch?! I have gotten into the habit of picking up the cookie mix pouches. All you need to add is wet ingredients, bake and vwala you have fresh baked cookies! Best part is they go on sale often and there are usually coupons! I usually get them for around $1.00 each! Check out printable coupon sites like coupons.com that are constantly rotating manufacturer coupons.
These cookie pouches are great to make with the kiddos, or to throw in the oven for a quick treat so you never have to go anywhere empty handed!

I usually pick up types of cookies I don’t usually make, or only make around the holidays.  I just grabbed these guys on sale with a coupon yesterday!

never go empty handed

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