Fabric Scrap Halloween Decorations

While making my festive Halloween flags (coming soon or maybe for next Halloween… It’s not so easy to run a sewing machine with a 5 month old!)… Anyway while making these flags I had all these scraps of fabric that I really love. So instead of throwing them away I decided to repurpose those scraps to help complete my Halloween look.
I have a glass boot that I keep on my hutch and its usually filled with Lindt chocolates that we don’t eat… Like the light blue and white one from my baby shower from… Oh six or so months ago!
So I figured why not make a decoration that I can reuse while using those fabric scraps. I went through my craft bin and found some small wooden balls I bought on clearance years ago for ¢.39 when I thought “I feel like for ¢.39 I’ll find a use for these someday.” I also found some plastic eyeballs in the dollar store for an added size. Now I could have left them as eyeballs cause these are Halloween decorations, but that’s just not my thing, so I painted them in accenting colors.

fabric scrap decoations main

What you need to DIY
1. Small balls of varying sizes. Most craft stores have wooden ones, but I also suggest checking out the dollar store. Think outside the box… Marbles would be perfect for this project!
2. Modge podge
3. Small paint brush. (I never use the sponge brushes to apply glue. I find they suck up all the glue and tend to fall apart.)
4. Fabric scraps cut into small pieces… I find triangles work the best.
5. Paint, if you want to add accenting colors.
6. Clear glass container. I have the glass boot my husband got from being in a wedding! But I hurricane glass or even a triffle bowl would look great .

scrap fabric balls

the how to…
1. Cut up fabric scraps into small pieces about 1/2″ big.
2. Put some glue in the ball, add fabric. Then brush glue over.
3. Repeat until ball is covered.
4. Let dry completely before adding to container.

If you are going to add accent colors and will be painting with acrylic paints, remember that acrylic paint will not stay well on shiner plastic (like the plastic eye balls I got) or glass. So simply use modge podge and some paper towels or textured paper napkins and follow instructions above. This creates a base you can then paint effectively.

eye ball modge podge

Once all the items are dry, place them in your clear glass container and display. I display my glass boot on my hutch and change to decorations for the seasons.

Tip… If you have acorns available you could use those as well. They look super cute painted like jackolanterns!

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