Tip of the week! Bake your bacon…

Whether it’s for breakfast, or sandwiches, or just because, I can’t lie, bacon is delicious!
But I super hate frying up bacon on the stove… It gets everywhere, it never cooks evenly, and it takes forever!
Now as I start breakfast or whatever dish I’m making, I put my bacon in the oven. I bake my bacon!!! It cooks evenly, it’s less messy, and it’s finished by the time I’m done cooking! I bake my bacon at 375º for 15-25 minutes depending on the bacon.
I usually make turkey bacon, but for my holiday frattot which I make for Christmas morning, (recipe coming in November), I use a real thick cut smoked bacon. To cut back on some of the fat, I bake the bacon on an oven safe cooking rack on a baking pan. This way the fat drips into to pan and the bacon stays nice and crispy.

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