Tip of the week… Home made boxed mixes

I am absolutely in love with this idea!!!
Whether it’s for friends, family, or for a yummy treat, I find, I’m always baking in the fall. Sometimes I don’t feel like getting out all the ingredients and measuring the flour, the baking soda, blah, blah, blah.
Soooo, pre-measure all your dry ingredients and put them in a mason jar. List the ingredients in the jar, the ingredients needed, and instructions on the label. Now when you want to bake, all you have to do is grab your mix and add the wet ingredients. It’s all the convenience of a box mix, but with your home made recipes.

I also measure my sugar and put it in a zip lock baggy. I then put it in a brown paper bag and attach it to the mason jar with a ribbon or if there is enough room put the baggy of sugar in the jar.

Not only is the incredibly convenient, but it also makes a really nice gift!
Tip: If you don’t have mason jars, you can reuse your sauce jars, but make sure you thoroughly clean the jars and lids, or your cookies might smell like pasta sauce!


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