Tip of the week! Have your home smelling like fall…

Are you doing your fall cleaning with the windows open and the cool air coming in or in the yard with the wind on your face and the sun on your back? Well, get out those crock pots ladies and gents and get ready for this delicious family friendly drink! It’s so simple and it leaves your entire house smelling like fall is giving you hug! All you need is apple juice and some mulling spices to make some delicious Hot Apple Cider!

Every fall and winter get together my mom pulls out the crock pot and sets up a little station on the corner of the counter. (There’s also a caraf of yummy hot chocolate, but that’s for another post). Whether you are coming in from a crisp day of apple picking or from a chilly car ride, coming into the house and smelling the sweet spicy cider waiting for you makes it feel like home. Plus this is a great reason to take out those festive holiday mugs and make a display around the crock pot.


What are mulling spices you ask?

Basically they’re a combo of traditional fall spices. Check out Wise Geek for more info and tips.


Directions for Hot Apple Cider
1. Turn in crock pot
2. Add apple juice
3. Add mulling spices. You can add your spices in a tea ball, a tied up cheese cloth, or loose as long as you strain them out before serving.
4. Let it sit for about an hour and remove mulling spices. Take the lid off for a while and let the aroma fill your home.

What better way to take a break then to have a refreshing mug of hot apple cider.
You can refrigerate what is left over and reheat later… Or serve chilled!

I like to use a no sugar added apple juice, so it’s not too sweet. Mulling spices sound hard to find, but they’re really not if you know where to look. They are usually stocked during the fall and can be found in many supermarkets. Stores such as whole foods and Trader Joe’s carries them, but so do regular grocery stores such as Stop and Shop. You can always check at the curtsey desk!

My husband got super excited when I made this over the weekend because he thought I juiced fresh apples first… To which I said he was genius! I can’t wait to go get some fresh picked apples, juice them, and make my own fresh pressed hot apple cider! Now I need to find my Ball jars…


2 thoughts on “Tip of the week! Have your home smelling like fall…

  1. They were talking about something similar at the winery yesterday… A bottle of Renault port, a bottle of apple juice and a couple cinnamon sticks… toss them in the crock pot, and the house smells great, plus you’ve got a great warm (adult) beverage.

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