Halloween! Cupcake surprise!

Halloween Surprise Cupcakes!

This is a take on a filled cupcake. It’s super fun to make with the kiddos!

Chocolate cake mix
Whipped topping
Chocolate pudding mix or whatever flavor you prefer!
Gummy worms, candy eyeballs, or other fun Halloween candy

1) Follow box instructions for cake mix. Bake in cupcake sheets. (After trying just about every boxed mix, I have to say that I like the ShopRite Devils food to be the best boxed chocolate cake mix).
2) Filling: Combine one packet of pudding mix, and 1/2 the recommended amount of milk. Fold into one container of whipped topping.
3) After cupcakes have cooled. Cut circle inside of cupcake being sure to NOT cut to the bottom. Next, pull out middle of circle, creating a cupcake shell.
4) Spoon filling into cupcake shell and decorate with Halloween candy!

Post pics of your Halloween Surprise Cupcakes!


Don’t throw away those cupcake middles… Assuming you have not eaten them already 😉 What fun ways have you discovered to use those middles as a snack or dessert? Post your pics!


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