Coupon Binder

Now a days you can look on line and find a million examples of coupon books and organization ideas. But when it comes down to it, the organization needs to make sense to YOU! And it shouldn’t cost a lot of money to set up. After all this organizer is dedicated to saving!


So what’s different about this one?
I’m going to go through step by step of how I made my coupon binder. Included is a free download of categories for you to print out. Under the categories are blank lines, so you can decide what products go where. For example, do you want frozen bagels under “Frozen Items” or “Breakfast Items”? This print out allows you to customize your binder so it’s quick and easy to use.

So lets break it down and see if we can make it work…

-2″ binder (found in my basement, FREE!)
-3 Trading card pages $3.99 for 10. (Used staples rewards of $7.50)
-Card stock (left over from previous project)
-Dividers (repurposed FREE! If you don’t want to buy dividers you can use a sheet of card stock and tape tabs to the sides)
Grand total of $4.47!

How to…
1). Cut cars stock into rectangles of 2.5″ by 4″. These will go into the slots of the trading card protectors. They will stick out of each slot slightly so you can put coupons in front of and behind the card stock doubling the coupon storage space!
TIP. I have found that trading card protectors work best as the opening is in the top, allowing you to stand your binder in a shopping cart without the risk if coupons falling out.
2) Set up categories, cut out coupons, and place in binder.
TIP. A single pocket page protector is helpful to keep other coupons such as clothing store coupons or promotions.
3) Make it yours! You can keep it simple or make it an art project. I added some old card stock to my dividers for added color.

Where to get coupons
1) Sunday papers. Not all Sunday papers have the same inserts, so depending on how dedicated you are you may want to consider getting more than one paper.
TIP. If you order the Sunday paper to be delivered it is often less money.
2) Printable coupons. There are several websites where you can print out coupons for free such as:
Red Plum
TIP Some websites allow you to load your coupons to your passbook on your phone so you don’t have to print them. (However, I have has issues with stores accepting the coupon more then one time, while you are allowed to print out coupons multiple times.)
3) Store coupons. Some stores gave their own coupons and you are allowed to use both a store and manufacturer coupon. ( Check both the store policy and your state policy).

Post pics of your coupon binders!


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