Peanut butter pie

Review of Lee Drummond’s Peanut Butter Pie

As my husband looooooves peanut butter and chocolate I figured I’d try this new recipe as a treat for his first Father’s Day!

So lets break it down and see if we can make it work…

-Peanut butter $2.00on sale but only used half so we’ll count only $1.00
-Whipped topping $1.50 on sale
-Cream Cheese $1.50 on sale
-Chocolate Sandwich cookies on sale $2.00 (didn’t need the whole pack) so we’ll say $1.50
-Powdered sugar, which I had in so we’ll say $0.50
Grand total of $6.00 for a nice size pie that serves about 8-10.

Did I make it work?
By using store brand ingredients that were on sale I was able to get the final cost to about $0.75 a serving! Plus my husband and other dads loved it! This recipe was quick, easy and deluscuous! Definitely worth it!

For a yummy variation try using vanilla sandwich cookies!

How low can you get your costs on this dessert?

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